Save Big on the Best Sun Care Products You’ll Ever Use

Suntan Hawaii has been producing top-quality sun care products for over 30 years. They are proud to include the best ingredients in their products whenever possible, regardless of cost. Rather than putting their money into advertising and mass-marketing, they invest into researching and sourcing the highest-quality ingredients, with the firm belief that if their products are the most effective sun care products on the market and they produce amazing results for those who use them, that will result in the best advertising they could ask for…

And it works! Not only do new customers immediately become repeat customers, they become advocates of the brand. Talented celebrities like Christina Applegate and former Olympic athletes like Mike (Evo) Evans and Dr. Terry Schroeder have been eager to share their love for the brand. The owner of Malibu Beach Inn, accomplished record executive, film producer, theatrical producer, and philanthropist, David Geffen, even uses it exclusively on his private yacht!

With all of these rave reviews and our personal experience with the product, we just knew that Suntan Hawaii was absolutely THE best sun care for our guests at Malibu Beach Inn. We started offering a limited selection to our guests last year, and we received such great feedback we now proudly offer five Suntan Hawaii products in each of our guest rooms, making it convenient for our guests to access and use these wonderful products during their stay. 

We’ve received so many inquiries from our guests for information about where to get more of these great products that we reached out to Suntan Hawaii and asked if they’d be willing to do something special for our clients…and they said YES! So for the next 4 weeks, you can save 15% off all Suntan Hawaii products when you order directly from their website and enter promo code “malibu” at checkout!

If you fell in love with Suntan Hawaii products while staying with us but don’t recall which ones you used, we’ve got you covered! We currently offer the following products:

Summer Knight After Sun Lotion

Summer Knight After Sun Lotion contains collagen, panthenol, elastin, sodium hyaluronate and Vitamins A & E for soft, supple, healthy skin. The soothing combination of pure Aloe and cocoa butter reduces the loss of natural skin moisturizers and helps prevent peeling. Brings skin back to its proper pH. Just a warning: this lotion is amaaaaazing! Be sure to get a bottle for home and a bottle to carry with you…you’ll be glad you did!

Ultra Aloe Gel Maximum Burn Relief

Ultra Aloe Gel Maximum Burn Relief contains 99% pure Aloe and instantly relieves pain from sunburn, chafing, shaving and skin irritation. Aloe promotes the natural healing process to restore healthy skin and has been used by Hawaiians for centuries.

Kukui & Macadamia Nut Dry Oil Spray

Macadamia nut oil contains 20% palmitoleic acid, the most unusual fatty acid found in any oil. At birth, our sebum contains high levels of this fatty acid but we lose it as we age. Kukui nut oil contains vitamins A, E, & F, powerful antioxidants and skin conditioners. These two beneficial oils are combined in the Kukui & Macadamia Nut Dry Oil Spray to nourish and slow the aging of your skin. This product is also an excellent tanning agent.

SPF 30 Clear, Greaseless Sunscreen Spray

SPF 30 Clear, Greaseless Sunscreen Spray provides maximum protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. Formulated for sensitive areas of the body such as the face, ears, and tops of shoulders. It leaves no residue on the skin and feels like you have nothing on.

SPF 30 Water-Resistant Hydrating Lotion

SPF 30 Water-Resistant Hydrating Lotion is a serious sunblock lotion that offers total protection and helps prevent burning. Feels light and comfortable on the face and body. Provides full spectrum sun protection against UVA/UVB sun damage.

So what are you waiting for? Click on over to Suntan Hawaii and load up on the finest quality sun care products available at an incredible 15% off! Remember to enter promo code “malibu” at checkout to save.

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