Did you know that each room at the Malibu Beach Inn features different stunning lithographs from the incredibly-talented Glenn Ness? 

From his website, here is Glenn Ness’ Artist Statement:

My work is a visual commentary on my perceptions of a psychological and spiritual need to connect; to our surroundings and to each other.

I explore city scenes, interiors of restaurants and places we may frequent, or even rural back yard pools; to set a stage for a narrative that explores this quandary. Our lives are full of places and people that come, or who have gone, or those we may long to know. My paintings give the viewer the permission to superimpose and examine their own feelings pertaining to the narrative given in each image; i.e. the ubiquitous empty chair implies a presence, or absence that may trigger memory or hope, the story everyone has but many hold secret. Or the empty quiet room that imbues isolation without loneliness, allowing us the freedom to follow thought. City streets where we are surrounded by humanity and the crush of advertisements and faces yet be totally alone.

I love realism for its ability to express the abstract. I love the process of oil painting for its ability to translate my own need to confess, to connect, to tell a story we may all read ourselves into.

View more of his work in the Sue Greenwood Fine Art Gallery or in the privacy of your own luxury room at the Malibu Beach Inn!

Hazy morning…

Hello weekend! 

What a gem! So much to love about this fabulous piece of Malibu Beach Inn history shared by @mikeciniglio via Instagram: ”Found an old Malibu magazine at our house from 1990-1991 of @malibubeachinn.”

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