Pilates at the Beach

Still feeling a bit sluggish from the holidays? Looking for new ways to fulfill your New Year’s resolution? Or perhaps just looking for a change in your fitness routine? Why not enjoy a sunny morning workout on the shores of the Pacific…

We are delighted to introduce Pilates on the Beach. Let Malibu Beach Inn’s exclusive Ocean Front setting provide the ideal backdrop for your next workout. 

Instructor Jennifer Beamer Fernandez’s classes are founded upon classical Pilates technique and infused with strength and conditioning exercises tailored to each client. Individuals of all fitness levels are welcome…from beginners to elite athletes. By focusing on full body engagement, precise form, breathing, and spinal and pelvic alignment, Jennifer guides clients to identify their deep core power and to perform fluid, energizing movements, maximizing results while minimizing tension.

Mat classes are available onsite, either on secluded Carbon Beach or in a private suite. When scheduling a class, please specify your previous experience and any area you would like to focus on so that Jennifer may prepare a class designed to meet your interests. 

Learn more about our comprehensive Fitness Program or give us a call at 310-456-6444 to book your Beach Pilates session today. 

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