Congrats to happy couple Mark & Laura on their engagement! Mark proposed to Laura on our oceanfront terrace a couple nights ago…and she said “yes” of course. So sweet! 


A Truly Engaging Evening at Malibu Beach Inn

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to join us for dinner on the Carbon Beach Club terrace, you can attest to the fact that it’s an idyllic setting for romance. The food and drinks set the tone for a sumptuous dining experience, but the real recipe for romance is all around…from the breathtaking sunset, to the warm glow of the fire to the enchanting soundtrack of the crashing waves. 

It’s our pleasure to share with you the story of a couple who recently turned this recipe for romance into a truly engaging evening. As told by the charming and romantic groom-to-be, Alonzo…

On the night of our engagement, I had a driver pick up Reagan and drive her up the coast to a hotel in Malibu called Malibu Beach Inn.  When she arrived at the hotel she was given a key to our room.  In the room I had all of her stuff she needed to get ready for dinner waiting for her as well as chilled champagne and our special playlist playing.  She got ready (quickly!) and met me downstairs where I was waiting for her on the restaurants outside terrace.  She looked beautiful as always and I nearly passed out from excitement + nervousness.  When she came out I got on my knee and asked her to marry me…all she said was “Oh baby, oh baaabbyy!” so I had to ask her again (just to be sure that “Oh baby” meant “yes”).  She said “yes” and put my heart at ease.  Lauren from The Malibu Beach Inn was so incredibly helpful in making sure that the night went perfectly and the pictures attached were mostly taken by her helpful staff.  I am so happy to share this moment with you all and Reagan and I are so looking forward to sharing our lives together and with all of you!

We wish you all the best and look forward to helping you celebrate many anniversaries together at the Malibu Beach Inn, Alonzo & Reagan!


An Engaging Stay at Malibu Beach Inn

It’s no doubt that the combination of warm and sunny weather, breathtaking sunsets and the soundtrack of crashing waves makes Malibu Beach Inn an idyllic setting for romance. And from time to time, we’re lucky enough to witness two hearts become one.

It’s our pleasure to share with you the story of Jonathan & Marian…

"I was in LA for a few weeks on business and had planned to propose to my girlfriend of two years when she visited.  My colleague, who got married in Malibu about ten years ago, said he knew just the place.  Upon first glance of the stunning view through the lobby of the Malibu Beach Inn, I knew it had to be the spot.  The staff was extremely gracious & helpful in arranging my plans.  The day finally arrived.  We spent the afternoon sight seeing along the coast, strolled along the beach and pier to catch a perfect sunset, and returned to our room.  With moonlit waves and a warm fireplace as backdrop, I expressed my love to the woman of my dreams, fell to one knee on our balcony, and asked her to spend the rest of her days with me.  Fortune smiled and she said yes!  We’ll no doubt be returning for future anniversaries, to enjoy the idyllic setting and hospitality, and to relive this beautiful memory." - Jonathan M.

We wish you all the best and look forward to helping you celebrate many anniversaries together, Jonathan & Marian!

Jonathan & Marian celebrating their engagement at The Malibu Beach Inn

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