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Have you ever dreamed about the perfect birthday getaway? We’re pretty sure that these sisters have discovered it: a 24-hour excursion, packed to the brim with all the best that Malibu has to offer…luxurious spa treatments, world-class shopping, delicious dining, and of course an enchanting overnight stay at the Malibu Beach Inn!

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Live Malibu Beach Ocean Cam

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful team at Offshore Theater while they installed a NEW HD Ocean Cam in our backyard! 

You can read all about their experience on their website and then kick back, relax and enjoy the live footage from our new Malibu Ocean Cam.

Since rain is so rare in Southern California and it’s just pouring down this morning (with more on the way), we thought we’d capture the shot above while we could, so there’s no doubt that it’s happening live!

So, any time you’re in the need of an oceanfront getaway but unable to get away, we invite you to visit our live Ocean Cam and indulge in the gorgeous sweeping views of the Pacific. Go ahead…just lean back, put your feet up and watch the waves rolling in all day long, from anywhere in the world!

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