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Ease into the New Year with Thai Yoga

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to relax more, become more flexible and fit explore your spirituality or make more time for yourself? Well, we have just the solution to help you achieve all of those goals…

We’re delighted to introduce Thai Yoga, the newest addition to the Fitness Program at Malibu Beach Inn

Thai Yoga is often called “Yoga for Lazy People.” It is done a thick mat similar to a futon on the floor with the participant dressed comfortably in yoga clothes (or even pajamas!). In Thai yoga, sore, tight muscles are compressed, energy channels are opened and the body is stretched in ways that are difficult to attain through individual exercise and yoga practice. The result of a full-body Thai treatment is often an exciting and powerful mind/body healing experience, bringing both the recipient and the practitioner to heightened states of physical and spiritual well-being.

Monica Varah, MA, CMT, E-RYT has been practicing yoga most of her life and teaching yoga for 11 years. She originally learned Thai Yoga as a way of giving better adjustments to the postures of her students in class, then fell in love with it as a means of healing and as an art form. She practices Thai Yoga and teaches yoga in Malibu, Westlake Village and Calabasas. She has been teaching Beach Yoga at Malibu Beach Inn for three years and considers herself to be good friends with the seal that lives in the rocks offshore.

Sessions are available in-room or on the beach for one hour or 90 minutes.

Learn more about our Fitness Program or call us at 310.456.6444 to book your Thai Yoga session with Monica today!

Celebrate Your Freedom with a Spa Day

This week we celebrate Independence Day and the freedom of our nation. We always look forward to sharing time with friends and family, enjoying backyard barbecues and days at the beach. But just like with any other holiday, most of us tend to get a little stressed, overexert ourselves and (the most fun of all) overindulge in tasty but not-so-healthy snacks and libations.

So after all of the festivities, take a little time to yourself. Book a spa day at the Malibu Beach Inn. In our luxurious oceanfront CURE SPA Treatment Room, you can let yourself sink into pure bliss and total relaxation… 

Step into our sanctuary of comfort and let one of our specialists pamper you as your senses are invigorated, your body is rid of toxins and your peace is mind is restored. Simply sit back, relax, soak in the sound of the waves and leave stress and worry behind. 

We welcome both hotel guests and local residents to enjoy the ultimate in beachfront relaxation in our CURE SPA Treatment RoomAnd don’t worry… we don’t limit our services to on-site appointments. Upon request, our specialists will gladly provide your desired treatment in a relaxing beach bungalow or in the comfort of your guest room. 

Available services include an abundance of body treatments designed to improve circulation and body tone while promoting a state of physical and psychological well-being, customized facials that use exclusive all-natural ingredients to address the specific needs of your skin type and a variety of finishing touches, such as waxing, paraffin treatments and reflexology. View a complete list of treatments available at this location.

So go ahead and celebrate your freedom… and book your spa day today!

CURE SPA balcony

CURE SPA is presented by renowned Malibu Doctor, Lisa Benya. The CURE SPA Treatment Room is located inside the Malibu Beach Inn, at 22878 Pacific Coast Hwy in Malibu, California. Visit our website to learn more about available treatments or call 310.456.6444 to let our professional staff design a specialty service that’s right for you!

Restorative Yoga at Malibu Beach Inn

We’re delighted to introduce Nicole Buckley, yoga instructor and the newest addition to the Fitness Program at Malibu Beach Inn

Nicole specializes in Restorative Yoga, which teaches students how to relax deeply in their bodies. Unlike traditional yoga, these classes welcome gentle movement followed by a series of fully-supported, long-held restorative poses. Students are then led through a series of guided relaxation practices. With a strong emphasis on meditation and breath work, students leave feeling rested and nourished. 

The central aim in Restorative Yoga is to elicit the Relaxation Response, which causes the Parasympathic Nervous System (“Rest and Digest”) to kick in.  This causes a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure, an increase in circulation to vital organs, a boost in immune system functioning, and improved digestion. Restorative Yoga has a profound impact on the overall health of the student, and serves as an excellent compliment to a move active physical practice.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga include:

Quiets the mind 

Improves digestion 

Boosts Immune System 

Teaches students how to integrate relaxation techiniques into their daily lives

Increases circulation to vital organs 

Relieves stress 

Lowers blood pressure 

Boosts growth and cell production 

Improves fertility 

Relieves habitual tension 

Increases mental focus

One of Nicole’s new students raves, “I tried her class and felt 6 feet tall and had incredible energy afterwards!”

Learn more about our Fitness Program or call us at 310.456.6444 to book your Restorative Yoga session with Nicole today!

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