Did you know that each room at the Malibu Beach Inn features different stunning lithographs from the incredibly-talented Glenn Ness? 

From his website, here is Glenn Ness’ Artist Statement:

My work is a visual commentary on my perceptions of a psychological and spiritual need to connect; to our surroundings and to each other.

I explore city scenes, interiors of restaurants and places we may frequent, or even rural back yard pools; to set a stage for a narrative that explores this quandary. Our lives are full of places and people that come, or who have gone, or those we may long to know. My paintings give the viewer the permission to superimpose and examine their own feelings pertaining to the narrative given in each image; i.e. the ubiquitous empty chair implies a presence, or absence that may trigger memory or hope, the story everyone has but many hold secret. Or the empty quiet room that imbues isolation without loneliness, allowing us the freedom to follow thought. City streets where we are surrounded by humanity and the crush of advertisements and faces yet be totally alone.

I love realism for its ability to express the abstract. I love the process of oil painting for its ability to translate my own need to confess, to connect, to tell a story we may all read ourselves into.

View more of his work in the Sue Greenwood Fine Art Gallery or in the privacy of your own luxury room at the Malibu Beach Inn!

The Perfect Way to End Your Summer

Boasting some of the best beaches and real estate in the world, Malibu, California serves as one of the most coveted destinations for summer vacations. Visit Malibu Beach Inn during our warmest month of the year to experience pure California luxury on the exclusive Carbon Beach. Wake up to dolphins playing and the sound of waves crashing in one of our plush accommodations and take advantage of the best that Malibu has to offer.

Experience an Ocean Breeze Workout

Break a sweat against an ocean breeze with our Beach Fitness Program. Whether you’re a guest or a fellow local, enjoy the summer while it’s still here with a beach workout on the sands of the breathtaking setting of Carbon Beach. Enjoy the warm shining sun and the sound of the crashing waves while you stretch and experience beach yoga or beach Pilates. Our Fitness Menu also offers a cardio boot camp for the more serious workout that you might be looking for. After your workout session, relax with the soothing treatments available at our full-service spa. 

Impeccable Service on the Sands of Carbon Beach

During your stay, enjoy unparalleled service and privacy right on California’s most coveted beach. Delicious food and drinks from our Carbon Beach Club Restaurant can be delivered to you, right on the sand! Indulge in our immaculate California cuisine with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean from the comfort of our lounge chairs or beachside patio. 

An ocean view from every room…

Nothing but clear blue skies on Billionaire’s Beach… 

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